Thursday, March 23, 2017

Party at the Irish Pub

My work had their employee appreciation party last Saturday.  It was an Irish Pub theme and costumes are encouraged!  Jimmy and I were the flag of Ireland.  I just took green, white, and orange shirts and sewed the white over the colors.  I even make a flag pole!
We were at a new venue this year with a served dinner.  The green beans were very undercooked for my liking, but the steak was super tender and the Jimmy said the chicken was really good too.
There was a bunch of dessert options and a late night snack of pizza and boneless wings.
Duelly Noted Duelling Pianos was the dinner entertainment.  I requested "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar and got roped in to coming on stage.  Here is a clip of my cow bell solo.  I will let you decide if it is amazing or incredible.
The after dinner activities included karaoke, dancing, casino games and a campfire.
We ended the night with raffle prizes and I won a gift card the the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America.  We can use it for anything the hotel offers, but will probably stay a night and have a nice meal at some point.
It was a great night with a great group of co-workers.  I feel like we are a pretty unique that we can have this much fun together and still stay professional (most of the time!)

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  1. Incredible. Lesa, I think you've found your calling! You're Princess Poppy caliber (from the movie Trolls :) If you haven't seen it, its super cute!)