Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hoping We Don't Blow Away

The wind is howling outside as I sit and type.  Current sustained winds are in the mid-20 MPH with gusts up to 50!  The weather over the last several weeks has been crazy!  Threat of a giant snowstorm to rain and almost 70 degrees to tornado warnings and graupel!  Go ahead and read wikipedia to see what that is.  It was falling off an on all day today and it was strange and beautiful all at the same time.

Once Esme and I were heathy again we took advantage of the weather to got outside on Sunday.
 We even charged up the Mustang battery for Parker!  He was not a big fan of it at first and even got a little scared.  He did finally take Esme for a very short ride.  She didn't see to mind just sitting and even fell asleep in it (but woke up before I could get a picture!)
 Parker still prefers the Cozy Coupe, but it is getting a little small.  It should be a fun spring and summer with Esme moving around more and eventually walking!  

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