Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Light It Up Blue

It's April, which means it is Autism Awareness Month.  April 2 is Light It Up Blue Day.  Homes, buildings, bridges and more light up blue to bring attention to autism.  As with many families, every day is autism awareness for us, but any excuse to show support is a great one for me!  We broke out our blue porch light and will keep it up all month (or until summer, when we remember to switch it out.)
We wore our blue Parker Patrol shirts on Sunday too!  The picture on the left highlights one of the struggles we can face.  We made a trip to Costco.  We ALWAYS eat pizza first, then go shopping.  We were on a time crunch so we shopped, then took dinner to go.  Routines are integral to our lives.  As soon as we started to walk out Parker began to cry and say "itzza, itzza."  We tried to tell him we were going to have it at home, but he just didn't understand.  We know that things like this cause major meltdowns for others and feel blessed that Parker stays pretty calm.  The short ride home was kinda brutal, but he was all smiles to see the Pizza when we got there.
 The picture woes continue with Ms. Esme as well.  It's nearly impossible to get the same two pictures, but I did it and we only have 2 weeks to go!  I hat to solicit the help of toys this time!
It's birthday party week now as well, can't wait to celebrate this weekend!

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