Monday, April 17, 2017

Girl's Day

I took Friday off to spend the day with Esme for her birthday.  We originally planned to go to the newly renovated children's museum, but the opening got delayed a couple months.  So we kind of went out without a plan.  First stop was breakfast with dad at work.
Then we went to Como Zoo and Conservatory.  It was a little chilly and a lot of animals were still in for the winter.  It was still a fun first zoo trip for Esme.
Our next stop was lunch with Nana.  We went to a Chinese buffet.  Esme didn't eat any, but it was yummy!
I picked up a donut for her to "eat" after dinner.  I may have helped a little, but I think she enjoyed it!
It was a great girl's day and a great birthday!

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