Sunday, July 24, 2016

US Bank Stadium

The Vikings new stadium was officially unveiled this weekend and we headed down to check it out Saturday night.  It had been raining all day, very heavily at times, but that wasn't stopping us!  My parents picked up our nephew Jayden and were on the road.  We parked in an underground ramp nearby and covered up to stay dry.  We have had our stroller rain cover for years and finally got to use it!
They had the AC going inside, which felt great!  The rain must have deterred some folks because they weren't even checking out tickets.  It was a free event, but required a ticket.
Esme woke up so I took her out of the carrier and Nana held her while we looked over some of the higher ledges.  Jayden had a fun time talking to her and she gave lots of smiles back.
 I was floored by the size of it.  It is such a large facility, but you also feel very close to the field, even from the upper deck.
 Parker wasn't too fond of going up to the ledges either, but did get one peek.
 The rain stopped while we were inside so we got to get a few pictures of the outside.
 There is a large viking ship still under construction and this is the mast and sail.  That should be pretty cool once it is finished.
 We got dinner at a new place before heading home.  The Lodge Stage 81 was pretty empty for a Saturday night, except for the birthday party going on.  Unfortunately I think that lowered the available wait staff so it took a while for us to get served.  Our server was kind enough to bring some crackers out for a very hunger Parker since it was 2 hours past our normal dinner and we forgot to pack snacks.  The food was tasty once it arrived.  I got a shrimp po-boy with house made chips which I really liked.  My dad said the reuben was really good and Jimmy liked his black and bleu burger.
It was a really fun evening spent with family.  Hopefully we will get to go to a game at the stadium someday!

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