Monday, July 4, 2016

Nebraska for the Fourth: Part 1

We took a long weekend trip to Nebraska to celebrate the Fourth of July.  It was our first long trip with Esme and I was hoping she would be as great a traveler as Parker.  It helped that we just had her for our drive down since my parents took Parker with them earlier in the day.  I dropped Jimmy off at work Friday morning and came back to pick him up and get on the road.  We were able to get 3.5 hours down before stopping the first time and she slept most of the drive.
 We made one more stop with about 1.5 hours to go.  We were all ready to be at Grandma's house.
 We had a bit of an adventure to get there, but I didn't get a picture.  I know my parents take some back roads so I decided to see if one of our navigation apps would take us a back way.  Google maps told us to turn on 865th Rd, so I did.  It started out as a narrow gravel road, then became more uneven, then just dirt tracks in tall grass.  We even got to a point that there were hardly any tracks!  I am not sure why Google decided it was a valid road, but 8 miles later we got back on pavement!  I don't think Jimmy found it as humorous as I did, but we came out with a fun motto, "865, still alive!"  We finally pulled in at 10:30 and great-grandma Bette finally met Esme.
 I think they were both pretty smitten with each other, but Esme loves anyone who feeds her!
 We visited my cousin Felicia and her family for dinner on Saturday.  She has a two year old, Claire, and baby Carly who is 3 weeks older than Esme.
 Claire loved having two babies to dote on.
Felicia has always been one my closest cousins and it was so much fun being pregnant together and getting to introduce our little girls to one another.

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