Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nebraska for the Fourth: Part 2

We celebrated July 4th on Sunday with a small family reunion on my dad's side.  Esme looked adorable in her outfit!  It was a rainy and chilly weekend so I put some jeggings on under the skirt.
We had to get an updated four generation picture with Esme.
She was the hit of the party and everyone wanted to hold her!
Great Aunt Cindy
Cousins Lydia, Angie, Rogan, and Presley
Great Great Aunt Deb
Lydia and Presley were pretty smitten with her!
Cousin Ramsy
The whole gang!
You may remember from a couple years ago that my Grandma's town goes big for the Fourth of July.  We walked downtown in the evening for "cruise night."  Jimmy missed this on our last trip so he like seeing all the old cars.
We had to drive back on Monday since my mom had to go back to work.  Esme shocked us by sleeping until 5:50, over 9 hours!  It worked out perfect as we were able to feed her, load up the cars and hit the road.
We officially have two awesome travelers and I hope it stays that way.  We stopped for breakfast in Sioux City about 9:00, and again at 12:30 to feed Esme and grab some lunch.  We got home in just over 8 hours, which was really great time again.  It felt good to be home again with a successful road trip under our belts!

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