Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at work.  The last couple days leading up to it were pretty eventful and had me emotionally and physically drained last night.  A very strong storm came through Tuesday night and our power went out, again!  This time there was about 140,000 in the metro that lost power and we were pretty confident it would be out for a while.  We hunkered in the dark in the basement while waiting for it to pass.
 We didn't get any damage to our house, but did lose a lot of dead branches from our big Maple tree on one small branch from a tree in the back yard.  Our neighbors lost a big branch, the top of a pine tree and one of their window awnings.
There were so many trees down as we drove around.  They were mostly pine trees since they tend to have shallow roots.
 My parents lost power as well and stopped by to get some water since they have a well.  We sent our fridge food home with them since they had the generator (fuel leak fixed!) if the power didn't turn back on.  We packed up shortly thereafter and went to Jimmy's parents for the night.  We also grabbed our freezer food because they had plenty of room and we have a bad history with power outages.  Parker had a dentist appointment Wednesday morning and we stopped at home on the way back.  To my surprise, our power was back on!  It was only out for 10 hours!  Jimmy was very excited as well.  We got our stuff packed up and returned home just in time to leave for Jimmy and I to go to the dentist.  I was thinking I would have a couple more weeks of when I scheduled and was not expecting it to be my last day off.  It was a very frazzled and stressful evening getting things cleaned and ready to go for today, but we got a little outside time.  Jimmy was able to catch a frog for Parker to play with.  I cut out the part where he started to fling it around by the leg.  That is also when we let the frog go!
That made a stressful day a bit more happy, but I ended up having quite the cry fest before bed.  Esme must have known I needed sleep because she didn't wake up until 5:10.  Her last bottle was before 7, so she went over 10 hours!  Of course she was ready to party after eating and I didn't get to go back to sleep until 15 minutes before I needed to be up.  I loved the extra snuggles though.
 I didn't look at the picture below until I got to work.  It made my heart happy to see them both smiling.  It felt like they were telling me it would be ok.
 My day went by pretty fast and I was excited to get home to see my littles.  Jimmy, Parker, and Esme were waiting all at the door for me.

The best part of going back on Thursday is that my second day is already Friday!  I can't wait to spend all weekend with my family. 

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  1. Going back to work is always hard. Pictures are good!!! :) Esme is looking so sweet and adorable! :)