Friday, July 11, 2014

Science Museum

My cousin Mark and his wife, Becca, moved to MN last year.  They are first family to live nearby so it is fun to see them.  We probably should get together more often, but we are all busy!  We were able to park at their place near downtown St. Paul and walk to the Science Museum.

The very first activity is a TV studio that you can read fun(ny) science stories at.  Mark was my special guest and was there to sell the Mars rover!
 He must have made some good points!
 Becca aced the test on vaccinations!
 The Charles E is a real towboat that is connected to the museum.  It was in service on the Mississippi River for over 50 years!
We climbed to the pilot house to check out the great view!

 Parker weighed himself against some of the fish that inhabit the river...I can't remember which one he was...
 Building a chain of carbon atoms.
 They have silly goggles that emulate (as far as scientists know) the eyesight of babies.  This got recognizable by 3 months.
 That's a big chair Becca!  I offered to make her a cushion and she wants to take it home!
 The stegosaurus was our last stop!  It was getting close to bed time so it was time to go!
Thanks for a great time Mark and Becca!  

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