Monday, July 28, 2014

New Fun with Old Friends

Six of the girls from high school got together on Sunday for a BBQ.  Spouses and kids were involved this time, so it was a full house!  We snacked and chatted for while before firing up the grill for dinner.
 I tried not to go overboard, but sometimes I can't help myself.  We had potato salad, baked beans, corn and black bean salad and fruit.
 The unofficially dubbed "Year of 30" starts in a couple weeks.  We are all going to be turning 30 in the next year.  Technically it's a year and 10 days since I have a later August birthday and will only be 29 this year.  I put together a fun "survival kit" for our old age that included: wrinkle cream, hard candy, a heavy-duty make-up brush (paint brush), reading glasses and denture cream.  I think it was a hit!
Lesa, Dani, Stacy, Kayla, Leah, and Brianne
 We each got our turn with the "30" hat too!  Brianne wasn't as excited as the rest of us.
Almost 30 seems surreal when I think about all the crazy fun times we had in high school.  Now it is fun to watch our little ones play together.  We brought Parker's trampoline outside and both he and Elise had fun jumping!
 Isaac checking out the cozy coupe!
Elise also loved the bubble leaf blower!  Our yard was completely covered!
 Sage's favorite was the cozy coupe.  We put the platform in the bottom later and she loved being pushed around the yard fast.
 Elise wanted a picture with the hat too!
 Isaac and Sage getting messy in the sandbox.
 Parker showing Isaac how to mow.
The whole clan!  We were missing a few folks, but it is hard for everyone to make it these days.  We have a couple weddings in the group this fall so we have more chances to get together.
Brianne, Travis, Leah, Ben, Stacy, Dani, Isaac, Paul, Kayla, Elise, Jimmy, Parker
Sage, Lesa

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