Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Let's Get Ready to TUMBLE! {a laundry themed birthday party}

Parker turned 8 on Saturday!  He has loved spinning things for years and his current items of focus are washers and dryers.  It seemed logical to throw him a laundry party to celebrate.  Pinterest failed me and I wasn't able to find any ideas for a laundry themed kids birthday party (there will be at least one now!)

As usual, I incorporated a picture of Parker in his Halloween costume on his invitation.  I was struggling with the design beyond that when I decided to google laundry puns.  This brought me to these adorable art prints that had just the words I needed.  I used blue and orange as a nod to Tide Pods and the main font on top is called Turkey Sandwich.

Our annual 12:10am picture, officially 8 years old!
I used twine, clothespins and paper cutouts to make a clothesline banner.
For the kitchen, I reused our props from Trunk or Treat as a backdrop.
Goodie bags included a sock puppet, cookies, apple sauce, and "dryer lint" cotton candy.
I made a chocolate birthday cake that looked like a washing machine.  I baked it in larger sheets, cut and stacked rectangles.  I used candy melts for the black on the door and white piped words and details along with white and gray buttercream.
I used Summer's Clothesline font for the table cards.
Our specialty drink was Tide Pod Punch.  It was Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, ginger ale, orange juice ice cubes and orange sherbet.  It looked great at the start of the party, but turned to a bit of a muddy green by the end (still great tasting!)
Sloppy joes and meatball subs were on the menu.  You might have to do laundry when you get home if you aren't careful!
Some of the guests hung out and chatted while others participated in our activity.
We had a tie-dye station set up for the kids (and adults) to create some fun garment!  We have lots of leftover supplies and I am excited to try some more designs again soon.
We chowed down on some tasy food before having cake.
You may remember that Parker blew his own candles out for the first time last year.  He one-upped himself this year by singing "Happy Birthday" as well.  He was so excited!
Chocolate is his favorite!
Nana helped him open presents.  He got a bunch of fun cards, cash, and some new clothes.
He also opened a couple of gifts on Thanksgiving from Jimmy's sister's family that wasn't able to attend.
We love this little group of friends Parker has had since he was a baby.  Thanks to them and all of our family that came to celebrate Parker!

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