Friday, December 6, 2019

A Start to Advent and Trek for a Tree 2019

We began the season of Advent on Sunday with a couple family traditions.  We all got our first stocking gifts before chruch.  Esme got a mandrill monkey plush (like Rafiki in The Lion King, she's been loving it lately.) Parker got a bag of hot cocoa Goldfish.  At bedtime, we began our Jesse Tree journey.  Esme is really excited about the ornaments this year, it's going to be so fun!
With the snow that came in on Sunday, we needed to wait a couple days for the sidewalks to get cleared so we could make our annual trek for a tree!  We went on Tuesday night and found a good candidate pretty quickly.
 I neglected to notice that a large branch that filled out much of the bottom would need to be cut off.  Sometimes you just have to make it work and that's what I did.  I put the bare side of the tree in the corner and it looked a lot more full once the lights and ornaments were on it.
 I spruced up our fireplace recently as well.  We've had an ugly gold trimmed screen and logs sitting in it since we moved in over 2 years ago.  I finally removed all of that and cleaned it out.  We aren't wood burners, so I went hunting for some candle options at Home Goods.  I've been eyeing up the flameless LED variety and found a great 5 piece set.  I also found 3 coordinated candle stands to set them up on.  It already looks 100 times better and we will still be painting the inside black.
 Our final addition was some Christmas village houses My grandma gave me.  This place is really starting to shape up nicely!

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