Monday, December 16, 2019

Frozen 2 and other things

We took Esme to her second movie on Saturday morning, Frozen 2.  Our nephew, Jayden, came along too.  We packed up a fun fun snack pack for her and snuggled in.  She was much more mobile this time than last time.  She spent most of the film walking up and down the stairs (hopefully) not bothering others too much.
Jimmy recently got a new audio receiver, so we took a trip to Best Buy to look at some new speakers.  Parker was in heaver with all the washers and dryers, we could have spent hours there.
I took some fun boomerang videos and it made me thing of a DJ, so I started calling him DJ GE.
Week 3 of Advent presents was yesterday. Both kids loved their holiday squeezy toy thingies.

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