Saturday, May 2, 2015

On the Mend

I mentioned in my Kansas City posts that Parker was feeling the greatest for our trip.  That was only the beginning of the craziness to come.  As I had said, Parker's fever started the day before our trip and I made the choice to head out anyway.  Fevers had never lasted long in the past so I was hopeful it would be the same this time.  He was able to get plenty of rest at the hotel.
The fever came and went over the next 2 days and finally broke Sunday (April 19th) night.  Monday was mostly good, until he started coughing that afternoon.
 He was elated to be home after a cough filled car ride home on Tuesday.  I thought he was on the way to getting better, then his fever came back.  I made an appointment for the next day just to get him checked out.
 We got quite a surprise the next morning with a face full of blood.  It tuned out just to be a bloody nose, but it was a bit of a frightening sight.
We got him cleaned up and just rested until it was time to see the doctor.
 His lungs were clear, which made us happy, but he did have a slight infection in one ear.  The doctor said it can often clear up on its own, so we left with a prescription to fill if it got any worse.
 There was a lot of sleeping over the next couple days and he seemed to be getting better.  He was his normal self on Saturday morning (April 25th) but got really tired in the afternoon and was inconsolable when awake.  He didn't have a fever and wasn't pulling on his ears so we decided to let him sleep, but did get his amoxicillin filled.   Early evening we saw blood in his left ear.  It was most likely a perforated ear drum, but I called the nurse line and got another appointment set up just to get him checked out.  The other ear had blood in it in the morning too.  The doctor said his ears looked good despite the perforation.We were pretty lucky to make it 3.5 years without and ear infection, but this one was a doozy!
 By Sunday he was back to his normal self (other than a bit of residual ear drainage.)
 Just as Parker was feeling better Jimmy woke up on Tuesday with a tonsil the size of a grapefruit!  I am thankful Parker was already on antibiotics because Jimmy tested positive for strep later that day.  I was also able to skate by without getting it.  By yesterday we were all relatively healthy and back at it!
 To celebrate a gorgeous 80 degree day we got out for our first bike ride of the season today.  After a lap around the neighborhood we got half price frappuccinos at Starbucks.  I am so glad we are healthy again!

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