Thursday, May 21, 2015

There's something about May...

I am not sure what it is with May, but it seems to get away from me.  I was about to title this post "Messy May" and then remembered this!  Once again here is a little photo dump for the month so far.

Parker has been hit or miss with his drums lately.  Something I think it's because he can't find the sticks.  That didn't stop him a few weeks ago and he improvised with a plastic carrot!
Remember the baby shower I helped host in March?  That baby finally made his debut!  We got the chance to visit our friends Sarah, Torry, and their son Declan last week.  He was so precious and pretty much slept the whole time (I miss that sometimes.)
Come on...I am in love with him...
We had a fun two day date night last week.  Friday night we walked to the new Noodles for dinner, then to Target to grab ET on blu-ray for another throwback movie night
We went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron on Saturday morning, which was an awesome continuation of the Marvel saga!

Parker has been intrigued by my hair for the last several months.  I find he uses it to calm down when he is upset or to relax.  I am glad I finally got some pictures because I know I will miss it one day.
He has been quite the dancer as of late as well.  His favorites are Owl City and this one by Taylor Swift!
In the funniest moment of the week... I got a text from Jimmy last night, "Parker locked me out."  Haha!  I walked out to the breezeway and found Jimmy trying to convince Parker to let him back in...
The weather is heating up after another late spring cold snap.  Hopefully we will be spending a lot more time outside...
...letting the popsicles cool us off instead of the weather!
It is gearing up to be a busy summer, I am hoping to keep you to date on all the fun!

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