Sunday, May 31, 2015

Date Night at Target Field

Jimmy and I headed out to Target Field for date night on Friday.  You may remember the awesome seat upgrade we got on out trip to Kansas City.  I ended up chatting with Mike from the Twins on Twitter that night.  He offered to get us tickets to a game back at home and this was the date we picked.  The weather was looking hit or miss as the day approached.  It ended up raining most of the day on Friday.  We decided to head down to the park anyway with the hopes it would clear up.  We were prepared for the rain since we weren't sure where our seats would be.  Our ponchos came in handy for the walk from our parking ramp, but we ended up being out of the rain.  
 We normally sit in the upper deck, so the rain delay gave us a chance to explore the lower level.  Got grabbed some food and just waited for the storms to pass.
 The game finally started an hour late, but it was a quick game and didn't go much later than a normal game.
 There was fireworks to cap off the evening.  It was cool to see the park with all the lights off.
The Twins lost, but took the series with a win today.  We hope they can keep the momentum going through the summer and into the post-season!

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