Monday, April 27, 2015

Kansas City: Part 2

We headed out pretty early Monday morning for a (planned) day of adventure!  Our first stop was City Hall.  They have an observation deck on the 30th floor and I love getting a bird's eye view when I can.  Unfortunately, they don't open it when it is too cold.  48 and sunny is too cold for KC I guess.  I was pretty bummed, Jimmy was not.  We took a stroll around the park instead.
We headed to Crown Center next, which offers lots of shopping, eateries and other activities.  They have an aquarium, Lego Land and Hallmark activity center call Kaleidoscope.  If Parker had been a bit older we may have checked some of those out, but we just window shopped and played in the Fairy Tale Village.  It had a bunch of fairy tale scenes for kids to play in it.  Parker's favorite was the Three Little Pigs.  
He still gets excited and touches the pig when I show him this picture.
Another reason we hit up Crown Center was to go to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant.  It's a kind of kitschy theme restaurant. 
Yes, I really am THAT excited to be there!
After placing your order by phone, your food is delivered by train!  It scared Parker a bit, but not too much.
We made a quick trip to the Money Museum before heading back to the hotel for a nap.  The Truman Coin Collection brings together coins from every presidency.  My dad is a coin collector and would have loved this place!
We got to see the vault and money sorting area, but couldn't take pictures.  I have never been that close to that much money!
I even got to design my own bill!
They give you a bag of shredded money as your parting gift.  I am still working on putting it back together! 
Monday night ended up being chillier than expected and we didn't pack a hat and gloves for Parker.  I spent his nap trying to find some, but I struck out.  What else is a crafty girl to do than make some out of of socks!  I picked up a pair of socks and sewing kit at the Dollar Tree and went to town.  Not perfect, but it was enough to keep his fingers warm!
It is always exciting to see a new stadium...
...And we got to see two on this trip.
Once in the gates we headed to guest services to get Parker's "first game" certificate, then headed to the elevator for the upper deck.  Suddenly I heard a voice say "Is it just the 3 of you?"  I looked and said "yes," then a man handed me three tickets to go sit close to the field.  It was the Twins Director of Team Travel, Mike Herman.  We were so excited!
6 rows from the field, a much better view than our original seats.
The seats were perfect for Parker too.  We had a rail in front of us that kept him contained and not falling on other fans.
A few innings in Mike came back down and gave us hand warmers and a hat for Parker.  It was such a kind a gesture!
Parker made it through the entire game!  We left our seats at the end of the 8th inning to walk the concourse.
The Twins were losing so we only made it halfway before the game was over.  We got some great pictures with the field and fountains.
My parents DVRd the game and we got on TV for just a moment!
We downed a quick breakfast on Tuesday morning and hit the road for home.  By this time Parker has developed a pretty nasty cough...
...and was really ready to get home!
Despite some setbacks it was a wonderful trip.  I am already thinking about where to head to next!

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