Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Jayden

My nephew Jayden is turning 11!  Our whole family celebrated with dinner at Benihana tonight.  It was Parker's first time there so we weren't sure how he would do.  He was a bit anxious at first, but quickly settled down.  Once the show started he was all giggles!
 This bit was a new one for us, a chicken made out of eggs!
 Parker was so well behaved.  We planned to bring pizza for him, but forgot it.  So we picked up some Wendy's and gave him a little at a time to keep him appeased.  It must have worked because we were there for an hour and a half!  He was also super snuggly and I wasn't complaining.
Parker and Jayden
 A future teppanyaki chef!
Jayden opened gifts after dinner while we waited for a small storm cell to pass.
 It only lasted about 10 minutes and we were able to make a quick break for the car.  Since it is April Fools we had to stop for some "crappy" cupcakes at Nadia Cakes.  They have some fun ones for the holiday of pranks!
Kitty Litter and Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop is only available once a year so it was worth the price.  A pretty basic cupcake, but so much fun!  We got a great lightning show on the way home too.  It was such a fun night with the family.

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