Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tipis and Tacos

Parker and I made another trip to the Minnesota History Center with my parents on Saturday.  Parker has been several more times with my mom and his cousins, but I was excited to go again.  Parker headed right for his favorite spot, the tipi and pioneer exhibits.
 He really enjoyed the Iron Range mining exhibit.  I thought the noise and lights would scare him, but he loved it!
 Using the drill was his favorite part!
 I broke out my kitchen torch for the afternoon to try my hand at creme brûlée!  It is one of my favorite desserts so I was excited to try making it myself.
After church, we picked up tacos at Rusty Taco and went to Jimmy's parents to watch the Wild game.  We do not go there nearly enough!
I used this recipe for the dessert and it turned out great!  I finished them off with the torch just before we ate them.  It was a perfect sugary "crack" and delicate creamy texture.  I will definitely be making this more!
It was a delicious end to a great day and a fun way to spend our anniversary.

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