Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pizza Party and Game Night

Our friends, Ben and Jenna, host a pizza party and game night every year.  This was the first year we could go and it was so much fun!  Everyone brought different toppings and we made a whole bunch of pies!
My BBQ Chicken Pizza
 We played a crazy competitive game of Pictionary after dinner.  After a slow start the ladies almost made a comeback, but ended up barely losing to the guys.
 Next up was dessert!  Boboli has a bunch of great pizza recipes on their website.  Both of our dessert pies came from there and we will be making them again!  I am also excited to try some other recipes.
Apple Pie
 We ended the night with several rounds of Catch Phrase, an old classic!
 Hopefully we can make it again next year!

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