Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Parker's New Pet(s)

I may be letting some of you animal lovers down with this one.  "Pet" may be a bit of a stretch, but we all love them!  A couple weeks ago we got Parker a Robo Fish from Toys R Us.  We started with a clown fish, because who doesn't love Nemo?
It has a pressure sensor that causes the back fin to move, propelling it through the water.  We put it in the tub a few times and Parker couldn't put him down.  He realized pretty quickly that it needed to be submerged for the fin to move so he kept dunking it in and out.  He loved it so much that I thought we'd go "all in."  We got another fish and I picked up a cheap bowl and accessories at Walmart.  I set it up on Monday and we played with it last night. 
As you can tell, the robo fish was a good choice.  Not sure if I could keep him out of a real fish tank now.  I was hoping he would just watch it swim, but I guess it will be a great sensory activity for him.  He loves playing in water and will get textural variety with the rocks and plants.  I am excited to play with it some more and maybe even name them!

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