Thursday, December 14, 2017

Parker's Pride Award

It was a great week for Parker!  We had his 6 year well child appointment on Monday.  He is growing great and finally broke 40 lbs. (fully clothed) on the scale.  He also kept sneaking the doctor's pen, but ended up writing his name independently on the paper that protects the bed.  All of us were in shock and so proud!  We took the paper with us and it will be getting framed!
 He also won a November Pride Award at school for most improved.  He had a special luncheon today and Grandpa Buxton joined him.
 Grandpa brought Parker a nugget happy meal and got to sit at a special table in the lunch room.
 The school made a cute video of all the winners holding their awards.  I was eagerly awaiting Parker's and was pretty impressed with the photo they got.
Great job Parker, we are so proud of you!

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