Thursday, December 14, 2017

Esme June - Twenty Months Old

Esme is twenty months old today.  It is officially too cold for an outside picture, so one on the couch will do.  She is still in 18-24 month clothes and size 5 diapers.  There was a slight concern with her height a couple month ago.  They checked again at Parker's 6 year appointment and all is well.  Either they measured her a little wrong or she grew 1.5".  Either way, we are happy there is no more concern.  We aren't seeing as big of changes from month to month these days, but her personality is really starting to blossom.  She loves her dolls and is starting to do some pretend play.  She gets pretty upset when things don't go her way and everyone in the house (or church, or store, or anywhere) knows about it.  This is once of the many new parenting experiences we are having.  Parker was always very even keeled and wasn't affected much by environment.  
 She is being a bit more adventurous with food, but still has some pickiness.  She likes hot dogs, but wants to eat them with the bun.  Since that can be a choking hazard we chop it up first and then she will tolerate it.  We can't snack in her presence unless we are going to share.
 She loves snuggling and burrowing.  Once of her favorite places is sitting on the Nemo couch with a good book.  She is such a joy for us and all who get to spend time with her.  

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