Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas: Round 2

This last weekend brought a second round of Christmas parties.  Saturday night was Jimmy's dad's extended family.  It's a pretty laid back event.  We all bring appetizers to share and play a fun gift exchange game.
 Esme had a lot of fun playing with her cousins, while Parker spent most of the evening in the basement trying to turn the ceiling fan on.  Tess was not nearly as amused.
 Playing with Hunter and Carter.
 We headed to Jimmy's parents after church on Sunday to celebrate with his immediate family.  We shared a great meal, exchanged gifts, and watched the Vikings beat the Bengals.
 Parker is finally starting to understand the concept of gifts a little bit.  We can get him to open one or two and then he moves on.  Esme was enjoying unwrapping gifts, but got distracted by what was in them.
 The hit was the ice cream cart Esme got.  She's been pushing around anything that will move, so this was a great one.  Her and Parker have been battling over it non-stop.
I have my work party this week, then real live Christmas Eve and day festivities.  Have a great week!

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