Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Randoms

I typically reserve the end of the month for my random catch-up posts, but December is busy, so here we are.  My friend Rachel, Esme and I went out for sushi last week.  I neglected to get a picture of us but captured the food perfectly.  I have only had restaurant sushi once before and I was in dire need of a lesson.  Rachel love sushi and offered to help me out.  we've been trying to get out for a couple months for her birthday, but things kept coming up.  We got cream cheese wontons, which I typically love, but these aren't standard take-out quality.  Still good, but I've had better.  We got 5 different kinds, California, sweet potato, crunchy shrimp, salmon, and spicy salmon.  I liked all of them except the plain salmon.  Jimmy was a little jealous, so we will bring him with next time.
 Later in the week we had Kindergarten family fun night.  The superintendent and other district representatives spoke, we had pizza, then some play time.  We were the first ones in the gym, so Parker got lots of time in the bounce house before they enforced a line and time limits.  We didn't last too long after that, but I am glad we went.
 We will close it up with a couple cute shots of Esme.  She usually wakes up as soon as I turn her light on in the morning, but she decided to coast a little last Friday (just like her mama does every day.)  She has also taken to the elephant popper and loves to let her hair blow in the breeze.  Darn, she is cute!

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