Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Our church hosted their first Trunk or Treat event.  We've participated at our old church the last couple years and it was fun to host a trunk this year.  I kept the theme with our family costumes.  Parker was a pirate, Esme was a parrot and I was an octopus.  kids had to walk the plank to get their treats.  A couple of them also enjoyed having sword fights.
I decorated the trunk with sand, a treasure chest, sunken ship and balloons.
There were so many great trunks and costumes.  Candy Land won for best trunk.
Shrek's swamp house
Teddy Time and Star Wars
Here are our costumes, I thought they turned out pretty good.
The kids weren't super cooperative trick or treating, but we still had fun.  Parker loved the sock monkey (he won best costume.)  
Happy Halloween!

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