Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Catch-Up

As I was taking Esme's weekly picture yesterday I realized I never posted last week's.  Now that it is getting darker in the evening I am going to take pictures on Saturday so I can hopefully use more natural light.  It was very grim and gloomy this Saturday, so that didn't help my efforts.  But first things first, last week's photos.  This is one of my favorite outfits, so fun and fancy.
It's so fun to look back and compare pictures.  I love how her face has filled out, it's just the cutest.
 In other happenings.  Jimmy and I had a kidless date night last week at Willy McCoy's in Albertville.  We also walked around the outlet mall and got some chocolate and a pumpkin pie candle!  Esme is moving more each day and is ending up in some funny places.  Jimmy and I joked that this was our baby trap!
 We watched the Huskers win last week, but they lost in OT this week and are no longer undefeated.  Only two weeks until they play Minnesota!
And now we are caught up!  It was a busy week for us, with lots of time spent finishing our family Halloween costumes.  You've seen them if you are on Facebook, but I am excited to show them off here.  Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween and a great week ahead!

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