Sunday, October 9, 2016

The No-Longer Toothless Wonder: Part 2

It's been a very exciting week for us.  Esme has been having a lot of fun with her feet lately.  Her favorite activity is knocking over her activity gym.  There is a video below that is pretty funny.  She did it about four times in a row the other night.
She has been loving rolling lately as well.  She will stay on her tummy for a long time, then get frustrated, rub her face in the carpet and cry until we come get her. 
 Now to the tooth news!  Part 1 of the saga can be found here.  She has been chewing on her hands a lot in the last few weeks, but just started showing big signs of teething this week.  I know that symptoms can last weeks and even months without a tooth popping, so I wasn't expecting anything soon.  I have been checking every day and sure enough I felt the first one on Friday night and another popped through yesterday!  It was a little tricky to get pictures, but I did it!  She was sticking her tongue out a lot, so I had about 20 like the first one below.  Just another sign that she is growing up.  Less than a week until she is 6 months old!

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