Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Festivities 2016

We had a really fun Halloween week.  I continued the tradition of making costumes, but expanded it to the whole family this year.  I don't know if I will be doing that again soon, but it was fun for once.  With all the hours put in, I wanted to show off a bit.  Only one person really knew what Esme was, but it went with the Frozen theme.  Parker really liked his Olaf costume and Esme was an adorable rock troll.  We started the fun by trick or treating at Lunds & Byerly's.  They had a dance party, treat stations, balloon animals and face painting.  Parker got a lot of shout-outs as we walked through the store.
 On Sunday night we went to trunk or treat at our old church.  It seems to get bigger every year and there was close to 70 cars this year.  There were lots of doors for Parker to play with and it sometimes hard to redirect, but he did so good!
 Here is the whole family ensemble!  Jimmy was Kristoff and I was Anna.
 We had a costume contest at work today, so I got to wear it all day!  I had a sandwich for lunch and thought that was fitting!  If you don't understand this reference you need to watch the movie.
 We had quite the bunch dress up, which made for a fun day.
Parker had a party at school today, so I made him a plain shirt with dots and sent him with his hat.  That was a much easier version of Olaf than having to worry about the whole puffy costume.

 Our final outing was another church's harvest festival.  Kristoff was harvesting ice (Jimmy was being a party pooper) so I was on my own with the kids.  Most of the activities weren't things Parker would do, but he had fun running around.  Esme like the balloon animal we got and played with it as we walked.  They had candy bags on the way out of the church.  We were probably one of the first to stop since there wasn't much for us inside, but they really gave me the 3rd degree.  They asked me several times if we were really done and told me I couldn't come back.  I said we were going to play outside, then leave and I didn't want to come back inside.  Once again they asked if I was sure and told me I would get a red "X" on my hand and couldn't get another one.  I didn't realize it would take so much for a bag of candy!
 They had a bounce house up and Parker loved it despite the misty weather.  His socks were drenched, but he would have jumped all night if I hadn't pulled him out.  It was such a fun holiday for us.  I am bummed we never got around to carving pumpkins, but it was a busy week.  Now to go raid the candy bag...

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