Thursday, October 13, 2016

Twin Cities Marathon

Jimmy wasn't feeling well on Sunday morning and decided not to go to church.  I made the last minute decision to head down and watch the Twin Cities Marathon.  I knew a handful of people running, including my good friend Stacy!  It was in the 30's, so I had to bundle Esme up in a little snowsuit.  Good thing it was a hand-me-down because it is probably the last time she will wear it.  Stacy was running for Team World Vision raising money to provide clean water for people in Africa.  We cheered on every World Vision runner we saw and even got a couple of "cute baby" comments and high fives.  We were stationed around the 19.5 miles mark, which is on the east side of the Mississippi River.  I was told this is where the number of spectators drops, so they need extra encouragement.
 Stacy didn't know we were going to be watching, so it was fun to surprise her!  The look on her face was priceless.
Jimmy's "not feeling well" turned in to a nasty cold/cough that took him out of work on Tuesday.  I started getting an itchy throat last night and woke up hardly being able to talk today.  I took the kids to daycare, slept all morning and am feeling better already.  Parker and Esme are not sowing any signs of illness yet and I am hoping it stays that way!
Esme is 26 weeks today, which means 6 months is tomorrow!  Can't wait to celebrate her half-birthday!

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