Monday, September 5, 2016

Last Week

Last week was busy for us and I got a bit behind on blogging.  Here is a quick recap.  I had my fantasy football draft last Sunday after we went to the fair.  I decided to help Jimmy out and take Esme along.  She was such a great helper!
 We had started using the exersaucer more and decided to try the jumper last week as well.  She likes anything where she is sitting up, but hasn't figured out jumping yet.
 We went to Costco on Wednesday and put Esme in the cart for the first time.  She tolerated it pretty well and Parker was a gentle companion.
 We expected Esme to stay smaller, like Parker, so we have several cute outfits for cooler weather.  I don't want them to go to waste, so I may just have to put her in them for photos if it doesn't cool down in the next few weeks.  We also had an open house for Parker at school.  We got to meet both of his new teachers and see his classroom.  We will have a welcome day this week, and school starts next week.  Summer is really over. . .

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