Tuesday, August 30, 2016

State Fair 2016

We normally have plenty of opportunities to go to the fair, but our days filled up fast this year so we had to go on Sunday.  It was Esme's first fair and she did great!  We got there even earlier than normal at 7:20.  It was a bit chilly, but very humid.  
We brought just the small stroller and carried Esme most of the day.  
After getting mini donuts we went to Little Farm Hands, which was much easier first thing in the morning.  This was our best year yet.  Despite being distracted by the old tractors next door he did pretty well and got a juice box at the end for all his hard work.
We also went back around to see the spinning gears.  Parker was very sad to leave this area.
Parker loved the slide two year ago and I went with him this year.  He started to cry towards to top, but smiled on the way down.
We walked through a couple animal barns and the bizarre before giving Parker some play time at the big sand box.
Esme took a couple good naps and only made a peep when she was getting hungry.  These pictures were taken less than 2 minutes apart...rough being a baby!
Our final stop on the way out was for Sweet Martha's cookies.  Parker approved!
It was a tasty trip as always.  One of these years we will have to make a whole day of it, but I don't know if I can convince Jimmy to do that!

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