Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Esme's First Frolics

To make things even busier this weekend, it was also the Frolics, our city festival.  We watched the fireworks on Friday night, then woke up early for the waffle breakfast.  I had to work at 9, so we got there right at 8 when it started.  It's always a tasty affair!
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Parker still hasn't totally warmed up to the fire trucks, but we are working on it.  Since it was Esme's first Frolics we had to get pictures of her with it.
Sunday was family fun day.  After picking up the kids from my parents we headed over to check things out.  We went in to the petting zoo first, where we ran in to Jimmy's sister and our niece.  We spent a couple hours hanging out with them at the carnival.
Emma wanted to go on the big upside down ride, so I offered to go with her.
This was my attempt at getting a picture of Parker eating a mini donut...
We also went on the ferris wheel.
And Jimmy took Parker on the giant slide.
He loved it and wanted to go again and kept trying to get back in.  He was so sad when we couldn't do it.  If only I wasn't so cheap, but those carnival tickets are expensive.
We had such a great time!

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