Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wet Weekend and Other Firsts

Ugh, it was a wet, chilly weekend!  We planned to go Country Daze for free family day, but the rain put a bit of a damper on it.  I woke up Saturday with a swollen, red, painful, light sensitive eye!  I took the kids to my parents and went to the doctor.  Turns our my cornea was oxygen deprived and got a little ticked off.  It was pretty much back to normal with ice and drops after 24 hours.  The rain let up in the afternoon, so we stopped by the festival to check things out.
 The turnout was very small, so Parker got to jump for as long as he wanted in the bounce house.
 We got the go ahead to start solids with Esme at her appointment last week.  I picked up some oatmeal cereal and gave it a try tonight.  She did pretty well with it, but has some work to do.  We did cereal for 2 months before adding other things with Parker, but will just go all in this time.  We will wait a few days to make sure she doesn't have an allergic reaction then try some avocado.
 She is almost too big for the swing so we broke out the exersaucer.  She loves any upright position, but hasn't started playing with any of the stuff yet.  Luckily she has an awesome big brother to act as DJ!  I am sure she will be spinning in no time!
Here are the videos I had promised as well.  The first is from about a month ago and the second is from this weekend.  Please excuse pantsless Parker, he rarely goes without bottoms, but happened to take them off just before this super cute moment.  I am loving watching their relationship grow and evolve.

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  1. They are SOOOOO cute. Esme is such a doll!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos!!