Monday, July 29, 2013

The Frolics!

Our city celebration was this last weekend!  Here is how last year went down!  I can't believe how little Parker was.  They had fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights this year, but no "real" parade, which was a bummer.

Our favorite event is always the West Metro Fire Waffle Breakfast!  All you can eat waffles, just $7!  Parker wasn't interested in eating them last year, but that has changed.  Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day!  He plowed half a waffle and two sausages.  Like father, like son.

Jimmy must have had something on his shoe... 
Parker was stubborn about his nap and didn't go down until 4 so his schedule was a bit wonky on Saturday.  Since he wasn't going to bed at 8 like normal, we headed to the carnival to watch a little softball and see the lights of the rides.  Parker liked the Ferris wheel.
 There was a "pathway" parade on Sunday, but it wasn't too much to scream about.  There was a small band....
 An EMS vehicle...
 And a handful of local businesses handing out flyers.  Parker (Jimmy) got some candy too!
Lastly, it's not a carnival without a little fair food!  We opted for mini donuts (Jimmy was a little light on the sugar!)  Parker loved them!

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