Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

What a day!  I love long weekends and today was just the beginning!  Parker let me sleep in a bit, which was lovely!  We ate breakfast and played outside a bit in the morning.  Parker was very intrigued by the handprint on his shirt at breakfast!
 We watched the cars go by outside for a while.
 I even got some good picture of me with Parker.  This is rare since I am usually behind the camera!  Please pardon my pasty white Minnesota legs!  I think Parker is more tan than I am...

 We got new sod installed by the city a couple weeks ago and have been waiting to mow it so it can get a good start.  It is a bit like a corn field for a toddler!
I was hoping to get some better shots of the shirt, but he just couldn't help touching the handprint!  Still looks super cute.  He will probably be able to wear it again next year too!
 We had tickets to the July 4th game in our season ticket package and were planning to go.  As mentioned in this post, Parker is not the best at games so we were hoping to find a sitter.  We struck out and were planning to take him, but he had a really crabby morning so that wasn't looking like a great plan.  Last minute I asked my friend Aubrey if she was available and she was!  It was a fun girls afternoon out!  We spent most of the game chatting and not really watching (we lost anyway, dang Yankees!)  On the plus side, we got to run the bases after the game!  Jimmy and I had been on the field during a Target Field tour, but didn't get to go much farther.  Definitely a highlight of the day! 

 My awesome slow-motion run for the camera!
We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, but it was pretty hot down on that field.  Not jealous of the guys who have to play there.

I had put a pork butt in the crock pot in the morning for pulled pork sandwiches and it was ready to go when I got back home.  We invited Jimmy's sister over for dinner.  It was fun chatting and Parker LOVES playing with his cousin Emma.  He thinks she is the bee's knees!  We didn't do any fireworks since Parker is still a bit young, but we will have some right out our front door in a few weeks!  I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday!


  1. We'd be happy to watch Parker whenever you need it!

    1. Thanks Daisy! We usually have plenty of options, but it was tough with the holiday! We should have a play date soon!

  2. Thanks again for inviting me!! It was a blast!