Monday, September 12, 2016


Yesterday was the kickoff of football season and the fall kickoff at church.  They went full on with a football theme that included Vikings ticket and Weber grill giveaways.  We played a mobile trivia game and I got second place and won the grill!  Jimmy was so excited and has wanted a charcoal grill for years!
 We watched the Vikes win while the kiddos napped, took an afternoon walk, then tried out the grill!
I grew up with a gas grill, we have a gas grill, and I have never done it another way.  I read the grill instructions, the charcoal instructions, the lighter fluid instructions and Google for guidance...
 Once I figured out that the bowl vents needed to be open (that tidbit was in the assembly instructions) the food started to actually cook!  Not perfect, but pretty good for the maiden voyage!  I am excited to try it again soon!

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