Thursday, September 22, 2016

1st Annual Buxton-Herrmann Golf Outing

Jimmy and I won a round of golf for two at a local course a couple years ago.  We've long had intentions of using it, but never got around to it.  This year my parents happened to win the same prize at the same fundraiser, so we resolved to get out and golf together this year.  It finally happened on Sunday and we had a blast!  Jimmy's parents were kind enough to keep the kids and the course was just a few minutes from their house.  It was a beautiful afternoon, but the bugs started to come out the later it got.
My dad has made fun of Jimmy's plaid shorts in the past, but he's got his own "Jimmy shorts" now.  Those are some good looking dudes.
Jimmy and I are not the best golfers and rarely play a full 18.  We had to get creative with some shots.  I got to use my foot wedge a few times, including this one.
We finished 18 just as the sun was setting.
We all had a great time and decided we should make this an annual thing!  Hopefully we can get out a few more times next year, so we aren't so terrible.

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