Tuesday, April 5, 2016

36 Weeks

This will be my final baby post before our little girl arrives.  Not sure when I will get around to that post.  I suppose it depends on how long we are in the hospital, how bored I am in the hospital, and how well she is doing.  I don't expect it to be more than two weeks from now, but we'll see.  I am 36 weeks today and am feeling good.  I have been sleeping much better and found some methods to reduce leg cramps.  It is hard to believe baby girl will be here next week!  We had our final growth scan today and she is measuring 5 lbs. 3 oz., which is within the normal range, but seems so tiny!  We are expecting/hoping she is around 6 lbs.  Parker lost a lot of weight after birth and I am worried she will too.  I hope she is over 5 lbs. when we come home.  Her heartbeat was 149 and she was moving a bunch.  All of my pre-eclampsia symptoms are gone!  Normal blood pressure and liver function, and no protein in my urine.  This is all great news since we are getting close to delivery.
 Our church life group threw a surprise baby shower for us last night.  We walked in to balloons, gifts, and dessert!
 Parker got a new car for the tub and a book.
 We got a musical toy for the carseat.
And some adorable onesies!  I love the cupcake Twins one!
We just hung out and spent some time praying for one another and baby girl.  We weren't sure if this group would work out when we started over a year ago, but I think all of us have been blessed by one another.  Our leaders/hosts, Chuck and Phyllis, have become another set of grandparents for Parker and everyone else is so wonderful.  We can't wait for you all to meet baby girl soon!

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  1. Eeek! I can't wait to see her beautiful face! You look great mama! Thankful the pre-e symptoms are gone, too :)
    Good luck! Prayers for a smooth delivery and health for mama and baby girl!!