Thursday, April 21, 2016

Esme June - 1 week old

The first week of life goes by pretty fast when you spend most of it in the hospital.  We've only have 2 days at home, but they have been perfect.  Parker is starting to pay more and more attention to Esme.  We likes to get right in her face and make noises, just his way of talking to her.  At first I was telling him to be a bit more quiet, but she doesn't seem to mind the noise.
We took our first family walk on Wednesday.  We only went a mile since I am still recovering, but it was nice just to get outside.
She had her first "bath" at home Wednesday as well.  It was really just a wipe down since we can;t submerse her cord stump yet.
We had a follow-up doctors appointment today to check on weight and her jaundice.  She gained almost 4 ounces and is over 5.5 lbs again, just 3 ounces from her birth weight.
37 weeks and 1 week postpartum with my sweetie bear Esme.

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  1. Awww... Parker is such a great big brother! All of my babies so far have hated wipe-down baths before the stump fell off. I'm talking, red face and screaming! Esme at least doesn't look ticked off in your pictures ;) Thankful she is gaining weight back and doing well at home!