Thursday, April 21, 2016

Esme Comes Home!

Tuesday morning was just a matter of waiting to find out the results of the study.  We were told it would likely be early afternoon at the earliest.  Below is a picture of Esme's room.  It's so much roomier without the big hospital bed!  There was no eating allowed on the floor, so Jimmy and I had to go to the outer lobby for lunch.  While grabbing my food I saw the team of doctors in the next room doing rounds and thought we might be next.  Sure enough our nurse came out soon after and asked if we wanted to be there.  It helped that she also said "I think they have good news for you."  We left the food where is was and headed back in.  They had gotten the results from the Children's Hospital doctor and it was totally normal!  They were releasing us to go home!
 We finished our lunch and then had to wait a couple hours since there were some other things the nurses needed to attend to.  They took one last set of vitals and removed the last of the wires and cords.
 I thought Parker was small when we loaded him up for the first time, but he had at least a pound on Esme!
Going home with Parker on the left, Esme on the right.
We picked Parker up from daycare before heading home.  He was totally oblivious to her, but did start to show some interest later in the evening.
Our best attempt at a family picture.  I am so happy that we are finally all together!
The final piece in place!  Welcome home sweetie bear, we are so excited to have you here.

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  1. WooHoo! Praise God that she was finally able to go home :) She is SO tiny in that car seat!! Parker looks happy to have her, and mommy home again.