Sunday, November 8, 2015


Date night was Friday.  Jimmy and I went to TobyMac's ***THIS IS NOT A TEST*** concert.  It was an amazing night of rock, pop, funk, hip hop and worship.  Target Center has never been a great concert venue, so I wanted to get tickets closer to the stage.  It was definitely worth the extra money!

There was an incredible pre-opening act. She is a new artist, with a just released EP, Hollyn. She has a great voice and is worth checking out!

Colton Dixon was the first opening act.  He was originally on American Idol in 2012.  He brings a great combo of hard and soft rock.
 Brian "B" Haley, the Diverse City drummer spoke between opening acts about We Are 1.  It is an incredible movement striving to Love, Unite, and Build a community of 1!
 Britt Nicole took the stage next and brought down the house!
 She made a trip around the floor and was just a few rows away.  Jimmy was going to reach out, but thought it best to leave that to the teenage girls!
 We stretched our legs and grabbed a curd canoe and drink during intermission.
 The rest of the show was amazing as well.  We don't go to many concerts (even though we just did last month) so I forget how loud they can be.  I felt like a bit of a fogie, thinking that it was a bit much...
 One of my favorite parts was when the crowd pulled out their flashlights.  I don't think I have been to a show in the smart phone generation, so it was a sight to see.
 Thanks for a great show Toby!
 We finished date "night" with breakfast at Hot Plate.  We went there with friends over a year ago and Jimmy has been itching to go back.  There is usually a decent wait on the weekend, so it was a great place to go without Parker.  The caramelized pecan pancakes were a winner again and I tried the chicken fried steak.  It wasn't a traditional country gravy, but was delicious!

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