Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

Totally forgot that I started this post and never finished, so here we are, almost a week late! We had a great Halloween this year. We got together for our annual picture with the neighbor boys. The past couple years there always seems to be one that refuses to sit on the couch, but we do the best we can! Kasa is the Tiger, Odie is the Lion, and Parker is an Ewok.
Rollie was the cutest Peter Pan I have ever seen! I tried to get a picture of them all, but that wasn't happening! That's toddlers and preschoolers for you!
We stopped at my parents house before heading to trunk-or-treat. We did some reverse trick-or-treating and dropped off some extra candy we had since we ended up not being home most the night.
We went to trunk-or-treat at our old church, the same place we went last year. It was so much more fun for all of us this year. Parker is really starting to understand the process. I think it helps that he knows what candy is now, and loves it!
We got a ton of great comments on his costume again too.  After trunk-or-treat we visited Jimmy's dad at the hospital. Parker loved the cafeteria pizza and we had fun chatting! I was also excited for Grandpa to see him dressed up.
Parker has become very comfortable at the hospital, which is nice since we have been (and will be) visiting a lot.
We got home just after 8, so we lit the pumpkins and waited for any late trick-or-treaters. We usually don't get many and only had 4 this year.
I hope you had a fun and safe holiday! On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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