Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a busy Thanksgiving this year with 3 stops.  We woke up early to visit Jimmy's dad at the hospital.  It started to snow just as we got there and it continued off and on for much of the day with minimal accumulation.  We ate breakfast in the cafeteria and had a beautiful view of the snow over the city.
Grandpa Herrmann has got quite the collections of cars for Parker to play with when we visit.  He had fun lining them up and crashing them all together!
We had lunch with Jimmy's family.  His mom, sister, and nieces made quite the spread!  My favorite is the wild rice stuffing, I could eat that all year!
I try to get a picture of Parker and his cousins when we get together, but it doesn't always work.  At least a crazy 3 year old and stubborn 5 year old makes for humorous shots!
We headed to my parents mid-afternoon and got right in to the annual pool tournament.  My dad wanted to scrap it this year since it is just 4 of us, but I wouldn't let the tradition die!  It was a pretty quick tourney since there was only 6 games.
This is the first year Parker has been interested in the table.  He kept grabbing for the balls and even grabbed a stick at one point.  Jimmy helped him hit a couple balls.
My dad and Jimmy were in the championship and Jimmy got skunked by my dad!
We opted for an unconventional entree, pot roast and carrots.  We will had mashed potatoes and gravy, green been casserole and mac and cheese!  Dessert was pumpkin pie and no bake cheesecake.
Jimmy had to work Friday, so Parker and I stayed and spent the night.  Parker was so excited to get in the hot tub in the morning.  As soon as he saw grandpa Buxton in his swimsuit he knew it was time!  It was a short outing because it was pretty cold.
We went out for a little shopping after breakfast.  I worked in retail for 6 years so I usually don't go out shopping.  I certainly don't missing working in that craziness either!
We had a pretty great Thanksgiving and hope you did too!  Now it's time for Parker's birthday and Christmas!

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