Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sole Hope Service Project

A friend of mine, Rachel, hosted a service project night at her house last Saturday.  Sole Hope is a non-profit organization that makes shoes for children in Uganda and supports the economy by training and employing locals to make the shoes.  Our job was to cut the pieces of denim and plastic used to make the shoes. Emily (pictures below) helped coordinate the event.  She had gotten a kit from the organization that includes a video, instructions, and a template.  We used old jeans to cut the shoe pieces from.
There were 10 denim pieces and 2 plastic pieces for each set, which were safety pinned together for shipping.
Emily also made a delicious african stew for us to enjoy.
We made over 20 sets in just a few hours.  Emily has had several parties and will send all the sets together to be shipped to Uganda.  Thanks to Rachel and Emily to hosting such a great evening!

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