Friday, November 20, 2015

Crazy 80's Work Party

My work's annual employee appreciation party was last weekend.  They do a fun theme every year and it was 80's this time around.  The party got postponed from earlier this year to allow us to focus on a major system changeover.  This has given me over a year to plan our costumes.  From the very beginning I thought of doing Doc Brown and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.  This duo allowed me to be a little crazy, while Jimmy got to where mostly normal clothes.  The picture below shows the looks we were going for.
I have had a white jumpsuit laying around for a while and it made a perfect Doc Brown costume.  I added orange accents and a nuclear symbol on the back with duct tape.
I picked up some cheap rubber gloves and added my own nuclear symbols again.  I borrowed a few of Parker's plastic tools for safety's sake and my tool belt was finished.
My last accessory was a stop watch.  I couldn't stand the idea of spending $12 on an actual one, so I started looking around the house for options to make one.  I saw a toy tuna can and figured I could make it work!  I quickly drew a stop watch face (including messy DeLoreon Motor Company logo) and it was done.
I got a little creative trying to make a messy ratty hair-do.  The buns helped with a bit of back-combing and a lot of hair spray!
I combed it back and sprayed on some white hair color to finish it off.  Jimmy's look was pretty basic.  I got a red vest on clearance at Menards last year.  I took up the length and removed most of the batting so he was wasn't too hot.  I took up the length on a denim shirt to make it look more like a jacket and added a basic plaid shirt and jeans.  I thought we looked pretty great and we had an awesome time.
There was even another Marty McFly to take a picture with along with so many other great costumes!
Ladies of the 80's provided rocking jams the whole night.  They have two lead vocalists that rotate in dressed as famous ladies of the 80's including Cher (below), Tina Turner, and Madonna.
I feel so blessed to work in an environment that feels like family.  We can all just be our crazy selves and have fun!


  1. How fun! It looks like y'all had a great time. I'm always impressed with your creative solutions, like the stopwatch :) Hope you're feeling good and all is well!

    1. Thanks Courtney! I am doing well. I was just thinking I should do a pregnancy update!