Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pretzeldent's Day 2015

I got the ridiculously amazing postcard several weeks ago and was excited from the start.  It was an invitation to an epic theme party.
 My friend Brianne (a history teacher) organized it.  She had a pretty amazing outfit for the occasion too!
 She encouraged everyone to dress up as well, but not very many did.  I had higher hopes for myself, but ended up just making a first place ribbon and I was a "first lady."  The pretzel glasses were provided and really made the look.
 Parker sported his Air Force One shirt we got him in DC last year.
 Cutie pie Ember also took the pun route and dressed as Teddy Rose-a-felt!
 Who knew it would be so easy to meld pretzels and Presidents!  The decorations were spot on.
 The food topped it all.  Jalapeno pretzel bombs for appetizers.
 Burgers on pretzel buns for the entree.
 Pretzel dogs for the kids.
 Cinnamon pretzel bites and key lime bars with a pretzel crust (my contribution) for dessert.
Pretzels and beer cheese for a snack later!
 We only got to stay for one game, but it was just as amazing as the rest of the party.  Brianne made custom Taboo cards to go with the theme.
 It was a pretty great crowd!  Hopefully this can become an annual party!
Thanks for being an amazing friend and party host Brianne!

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  1. My dreams have come true! I've been blogged! Thanks Lesa for the great pics and fun comments!