Friday, February 13, 2015

Parker's Valentine's Day Party

Parker had a Valentine's Day party at school today.  We got him a fun t-shirt to wear as his gift from us.  He has been doing a cute thing lately that resembles blowing a kiss.  He puts his hand to his mouth and says "ma" as he extends his hand.  Minus the "ma" it is the same as "thank you" so I am not sure yet.  But he seems to do it appropriately when saying goodbye.  This was him doing it this morning.
Chicks really do dig super heroes and super powers!
 I made some fun valentines for Parker to give to his classmates and teachers.  I got the idea from HERE, designed my own version and printed two on each 5 x 7 photo.  Then I attached a car with ribbon.  I am so excited with how they turned out.
 I also made some little goodie bags for his teachers and daycare provider.  I designed the tags and printed them as pictures as well.  Each one has the teacher's name in the heart as well.
 The theme at school this month is transportation and community helpers.  Today they made mail "bags" and acted as mail carriers, delivering their valentines.  
 He got some really cute valentines and treats from all his friends at school.
What a great party he had!  Happy early Valentine's Day to all of you!

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