Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Growing Smaller Update: Accountability

Has another 2 months come and gone already? This is not a positive update, but putting my failures (and hopefully more successes) in writing keeps me accountable and motivated.  If you have been reading the last couple months you know that I have been under a lot of stress. That is not good for any dieter. Except maybe that lucky person out there that is a stress exerciser!

My goal was to lose 12 lbs. I gained 4 instead, leaving me at 216. I suppose I could have gained more. About a month ago I was in a terrible place emotionally and decided that I didn't care anymore, being healthy was over-rated! Additionally , the 10K I signed up for was CANCELLED! That gave me NO reason to keep running.  I quickly emerged from my state of nonsense and realized that it is important now more than ever if I hope to be mom that Parker needs. So, I am back on the wagon and I am hoping to stay on this time. I am looking for a new race to sign up for, maybe just a 5K this time.  I am also going to give myself a conservative goal of 8 lbs. for the next 2 months.  My next update will be right after Thanksgiving and Parker's birthday so I hope the holidays don't get the best of me! (Can you believe he is almost 2?!?!)

Hope you are all doing well!

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  1. I can't believe your 10K got cancelled!
    You're right that you've been through a lot lately and you should definitely cut yourself some slack. The important part is you're refocusing and trying again! Good luck and keep up your positive attitude :)