Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween: Part 1

This year's costume these is M & M's!  It doesn't get much easier than cutting circles out of felt.  This was a Jimmy approved idea too, which is always nice.
 We went to Trunk or Treat at our old church on Sunday night.  It was fun seeing several families we hadn't seen in a while.  Both kids walked so nicely and put all their candy (except a dum dum) right in their bags.  I also like this event because there are so many cars.
 The Mario car was done by our friends, the Scheevels.  It was a whole family affair for them too.
 Parker waited very patiently to spin the wheel at one trunk.
 The last one we visited was one of our favorites.  Babe the Blue Ox and several Paul Bunyans.
 We got a lot of comments and compliments on our costumes as well.  We now have enough candy to last these kiddos for a while (we might get in to it a bit too!)

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